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Social Growth Suite

Our Social Growth Suite is a collection of tools to help grow your business through email and social marketing.

  • Competitions make it easy to run engaging viral competitions anywhere. Run it on your own site, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even let partners embed your contest on their site.

  • Galleries enable your business to build beautiful media rich galleries that are fed by social images from competitions. These can be used to show off photo competition entries, embed user generated content on your site or use at events to show social media posts from attendees. (#HashTags available at an additional cost)

  • Rewards work in a similar fashion to competitions. Except they allow you to build instant redeem coupons, redirects or downloads to help you engage your customers & drive sales.

As a HotSpot Agency Client, you receive unlimited usage of Rewards, Galleries and Competitions. And we are proud to have you join the Captures beta. You can test this up to 5000 conversions.

Captures allows you to capture & send emails from your site using customer behaviours then send them to any one of our supported email providers.

Our Social Growth Platform is powered by Gleam ensuring constant innovation and stability.

$149.99 USD Monthly
$449.97 USD Quarterly
$899.94 USD Semi-Annually
$1499.99 USD Annually

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