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How do I cancel my service?

There are a few steps to cancel your service:

1. Go to and navigate to "My Products & Services"

2. Next to the service you want to cancel, click the "Manage" button

3. Scroll to the bottom and click the "Request Cancellation" button

a. Please take the time to fill out a brief description of why you are cancelling your service
b. Choose either immediate or end of billing period option.
- Immediate will Prorate your bill and refund any time left in the billing period
- End of Billing Period will let your service continue through the end of your billing cycle
c. While there is a notification about checking for a cancelled subscription or system will do this automatically. In the event you are charged contact us and we will refund it immediately.
d. Click the "Request Cancellation" button

4. We will either send you a package to ship your equipment back or schedule a pick up.
a. If you choose immediate billing, your service will termination will be at the point that we can track the equipment return shipment or when we pick up the equipment.

5. Once we have received your equipment, we will close your account.

6. If you do not return your equipment there will be a $199.99 Equipment replacement fee as per our terms of service.


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