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Welcome to HotSpot Agency

HotSpot AgencyWe are finally here! We have spent the last few weeks getting all of our ducks in a row on the website tweaking here and there and to be frank we still are not quite done yet. With that said, we are finally proud to present our company to the world!

So who are we do you ask? Well first and foremost we are a couple of gamers in Texas… but on a professional note we are actually here to help your business get the most out of Social Media and Proximity Marketing. HotSpot Agency offers a variety of tools for you the business owner to interact with your customers on a social media and mobile level. Let’s face it, in this day and age, everything is about social sites like Facebook and cell phones, so how about we provide the tools to reach your customers directly.

John, based in Houston is our Operations guys managing the day to day business tasks ensuring orders are processed in a timely manner, techs are out doing installs on time and sales staff are getting the job done. Although he is native to New York he has been in Houston for sometime now raising his soon to be 9 year old twin boys. And yes they are gamers too, don’t mention Skylanders around him, trust me.

I am based in Midland where I grew up pretty much all of my life after being carted around in my early years with the Air Force. I of course got bit by the military but and spent a few years in the Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Chosin CG-65. I know what a rough tour of duty. I’m the Technology guy, I have spent the better part of my adult life behind a computer, designing complex network systems and even installing this systems throughout the US.

What we do

Angled Phones_RestaurantFirst let’s talk about our primary product, Social Powered HotSpots. Many businesses offer Free WiFi and get nothing in return. It’s actually ironic, John and I have spent the last month or so signing on to Free WiFi all over Midland and Houston. We have found that the majority of the time when we connect to the open WiFi, there are no passwords, no landing pages just straight connect and go. Now don’t get me wrong, this is great for a customer’s experience, but what in the world are the business owners getting out of besides an extra bill for internet or even worse, hacked because they are sharing the Free WiFi on the same system as their Point of Sale System or business computers.

By using our Social Powered HotSpots, first of all if you are sharing the network, this puts a layer of security between your customers and your business. This is a must! Additionally our system requires users login to the Free WiFi in exchange for signing in with the Social Network of their choice. Once they complete this simple task, their email and contact data is transferred directly into your customer database so that you can engage directly with them through email marketing, promotions and more.

I know, I know, you are sitting there thinking who would be willing to sign on to the WiFi this way? By using a social network login, that instills trust with your business. Users feel comfortable with a Single Sign On option because outside of basic information like email, birthdate, etc at no point do they have to put their password directly in your system. You actually never see their login info, just their contact information brought to you from a verified source.

After they have signed in, optionally you can invite them to like your Facebook page and share a specific message on Facebook. Finally you can send them a customized email, redirect them to a Web Page, etc. Within minutes your users are browsing the internet free and clear.

Head over to the site and. learn more about our Small Business HotSpot Solutions, and if you are a larger business and need an Enterprise Solution we have you covered too. We even have a Social Powered HotSpot Solution for Event Promoters and Venues.

lbphonesBut wait there’s more

On top of our Social Powered HotSpots, we have teamed up with with a few companies out there to give you even more tools built around Social Marketing and Direct Marketing to your customers. This includes our Social Growth Suite, Email Marketing management by ActiveCampaign and Loyalty Solutions by LoyalBlocks.

We are just getting started but we have so much to offer business owners out there that are looking to jump into the Social Media Marketing pool, let us be your coach! Ohh and one more thing, in celebration of our launch we are going to give one lucky business owner a free year of our Small Business Starter HotSpot System. It’s easy to get registered to win, using our Social Growth Suite we have set up the giveaway which is open for customers in US and Canada. See below to get started:

Social Powered HotSpot WiFi Giveaway

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Shane Bell

As CIO of HotSpot Agency, I have my thumb on all of our technology, information systems and overall marketing. I have been working in the technology sector for over 20 years. I love gaming on PlayStation, exploring great food and traveling.
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