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What the flok just happened?

Loyalblocks is now known as flok, same great app just a new name! With the launch of the new name comes a new pricing model saving you even more!

Check out the post for more details.

Start Rewarding your Loyal Customers Today

The first of many posts discussing out to create a successful Loyalty Solution to increase foot traffic and sales while cultivating long-term customer relationships. In this post we talk about Welcome Rewards and Punchcard rewards. We also touch on some of the automated rewards and push messaging.

Case Study: Domino’s Rewards App

The Domino’s Rewards app is a loyalty & engagement tool for Domino’s locations, putting a digital punch card on your customers’ phones and allowing you to engage them with direct messages inside and outside of your business. While testing in 19 locations, 2300+ customers joined their loyalty club and receive weekly push notifications with online order codes increasing online orders by 10%.

Turn Free WiFi Users into Leads

Welcome to HotSpot Agency

We are finally here! We have spent the last few weeks getting all of our ducks in a row on the website tweaking here and there and to be frank we still are not quite done yet. With that said, we are finally proud to present our company to the world!

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