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Start Rewarding your Loyal Customers Today

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Start Rewarding your Loyal Customers Today

HotSpot Agency recently partnered with LoyalBlocks to bring our customers the best Loyalty Marketing Solution we could find. This tool provides a brick and mortar business owner everything they need to increase foot traffic and sales while cultivating long – term relationships seamlessly and automatically.

LoyalBlocks BeaconIt starts with a little beacon,  a phone app for the customer and your loyalty club working together to reward your existing customers while attracting new ones. As you set up your club, our web-based dashboard lets you control and customize all elements of the program including Status privileges, punch-card rewards, Facebook referral rewards, and even a happy hour reward geared towards getting people to come in during your slow hours.

Each reward you choose is completely customizable for what you offer and various rewards have customizable triggers. Some rewards are tied to events such as birthdays, last time visited or even distance from your business.

Actual Screenshot of Patriot Games' Loyalty App

You can even create a simple push campaign with or without a reward directly to your club members. A great example of this is when Patriot Games of Odessa, TX received a shipment of Surge Soda. They sent out a message to their club members notifying them about receiving the product in store with a few clicks.

Launch your Loyalty Club with a great welcome reward, make it a free gift, a free appetizer, additional trade in credit or go all out like Izzy’s Burrito did and give out a full meal. Yes you read that right, they gave away a free meal including burrito, side and drink to everyone that joined their club.

When you set up your punch card reward, make it worth the effort! For restaurants this is pretty easy, make it a meal but for other businesses it can be just as simple. Retail stores can make it a monetary value towards their purchase similar to a gift card, while a salon or spa can offer a free treatment.

The goal of your punch card is to make your customer want to earn the reward. The amount of punches required is very important as well. You can set any number of punches in the app, but setting it too high will make it unreachable and to low can end up costing you in the long run.

Try to set your punch count to something that can be reached in 1 to 3 months depending on how often your customers earn a punch. If you have a very high punch rate, then you can set your punches higher like at a popular lunch spot. However an oil change business would probably set it a bit lower since they are only seeing clients once every few months.

This is only the beginning to building your Loyalty Club with HotSpot Agency. I will be back with more in the coming weeks on building your successful loyalty program including how to reward your most loyal customers with Club Cards.

If you don’t want to wait, get started today with our Try It For 90 Promotion saving you $90 your first three months and we will give you one on one training setting up your program. After 90 days you can lock-in your discounted rate of $99.99 per month or even better you can pay $999.99 annually saving you over $560 a year per location.


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