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Case Study: Domino’s Rewards App

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Case Study: Domino’s Rewards App

Grow your business with the Domino’s Rewards app. A branded mobile app experience brought to you by LoyalBlocks. The Domino’s Rewards app is a loyalty & engagement tool for Domino’s locations, putting a digital punch card on your customers’ phones and allowing you to engage them with direct messages inside and outside of your business.

19 Domino’s locations were used to test the Domino’s Rewards app.
In just 3 months, they’ve:

♦ Grabbed Attention Immediately. 2300+ customers joined their loyalty club and receive weekly push notifications with online order codes increasing online orders by 10%.
♦ Brought in fresh faces. The existing LoyalBlocks network contributed 334 new members to these Domino’s locations resulting in 1231 new customer visits.
♦ Created Brand Advocates – Increased their Social Media footprint by enabling 66 Facebook check-ins, resulting in over 14,784 impressions on Social Media.
♦ Generated Reviews – LoyalBlocks generated 85 reviews that can be posted on Social Media averaging a phenomenal 4.5 out of 5 stars!
♦ Most buying decisions happen as customers walk through your door. Engage with customers just at that moment and influence their decisions according to your own business goals by using the the LoyalBlocks Beacon – your automatic store-greeter.

If you are Domino’s Franchise owner, contact us or get started today! We can set your stores up separately or in a mesh network where your customers are tracked across all of your stores in a single rewards app.

Case study provided by LoyalBlocks, LTD. HotSpot Agency is an authorized reseller of LoyalBlocks.

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