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Building a Loyalty Ecosystem with HotSpot Agency

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Building a Loyalty Ecosystem with HotSpot Agency

Since we launched HotSpot Agency earlier this year we have spent the last few months refining our product offerings and finalizing what our goals are.

Doing this we have found that we are actually building an Ecosystem for our clients. No every business signs up for Flok through us, however both our customers and non customers benefit equally being a part of the ecosystem.

So what exactly are the benefits of this ecosystem?

FirsScreenshot_2015-07-31-20-54-36t and foremost when you open up the Flok App, you get a list of all of the businesses near you…

Even though a user may not be a part of your club, they can open your club to see what you have to offer. Unlike many other apps, there are no additional charges for this, its all included in one price. Learn more about the Flok Loyalty Program.

For the more proactive business owners, you can send rewards to non members with the Carrot program. This is charged on a per unique view.

What is the best way to build the ecosystem?

Get your customers and even more importantly your fellow business owners on board. We offer referral rewards to our clients that recommend businesses to HotSpot Agency. Even your competitors are a great referral because at the end of the day their customers are going to see you in the directory when they are near you.

Give us a call today 432.214.2900 and we will set up an appointment to give you a demo of the app and how it can help keep your customers coming back.

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Shane Bell

As CIO of HotSpot Agency, I have my thumb on all of our technology, information systems and overall marketing. I have been working in the technology sector for over 20 years. I love gaming on PlayStation, exploring great food and traveling.
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